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Welcome to All Things Notary the Blog

Updated: Nov 28, 2022

Mobile notary?!? You actually do this for a living? I've never heard of a mobile notary, is this something new?

These are the most common questions I'm asked when I'm at someone's home for a real estate closing or someone stumbles across my Google My Business page looking for a notary public, loan signing agent or apostille agent. These questions usually lead to more detailed questions like "other than stamp documents what exactly is it that you do as notary public?" or "what type of education do you need to become a notary public?". If I'm being honest I've also received a lot of requests from notaries asking for help during their notary journeys. I figured why not answer all of these questions in one place. So now I'm a blogger!

The goal is to provide information for everyone. Notaries and the public. You see what I did there? All Things Notary the Blog is here to help other notaries learn more about what it is to be a notary public. I also want to point them in the right direction. This blog is also for non-notaries to understand what the responsibilities are of a notary public. I will provide the readers with fun facts, tips for notaries and non-notaries, guest bloggers and more.

If you're looking for answers on your notary journey or just a bystander curious about what exactly is the responsibility of a notary public, bookmark this page. All Things Notary the Blog will be bringing readers information that will answer all of your questions.


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