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1. What are the responsibilities and duties of a notary public?

 A notary public (NC) is an officer of the state who's responsibility is to help prevent fraud and attempts at forgery. They do this by witnessing the signing of documents and verifying identity. A North Carolina notary public administers oaths and affirmations, acknowledges signatures and verify signatures.

2. Where is All Things Notary, LLC. located?

We are currently a mobile service only in Wilmington, NC. 

3. Do I need an ID for a notarization?

 A Government issued photo ID is required for you to have your document notarized. A state issued ID card/driver license, passport, military ID are all forms of acceptable identification. Temporary IDs and paper copies of IDs are not acceptable forms of identification.

4. Do I have to appear in person to have my document notarized?

Physical appearance  before a notary public is required in the state of North Carolina for your document to be notarized.

5. Can notarizations be done electronically?

North Carolina adopted In Person Electronic Notarization (IPEN). This requires the personal appearance before a notary; however, instead of the traditional paper document, you can sign your document on any capable electronic device.